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Have you ever tried changing your regular sexual routines to add a little spice and excitement into your intimate life?

Whether you're alone or with a partner, it's sometimes fun to let go and try out different things. Dare to reach out to your deepest fantasies, stimulate your mind and body, find ecstasy and complete satisfaction.

Here at "Les Fantaisies De Lou-An", we offer you hundreds of accessories found on the market. Unfortunately not all products are categorized as perfect products. Some of them either lack quality or they are highly priced.

This is exactly why we have carefully selected and present to you some of the most appreciated products of our past clients. Be assured that they are high quality made products and fairly priced items. Your satisfaction is guarantied!

Some suggestions

When you use an accessory, make sure to apply a lubricant, otherwise you may feel a burning and overheating sensation.

Use low quality batteries or alkaline batteries such (e.g. Duracell, Everyday, Energizer) which have already been used. Because new and unused batteries are too powerful for the accessories and may overheat the product.

Always remember to take the batteries out once you have finished using a product.

Make sure to clean your product with a soap and rinse it thoroughly after each time you use it to prevent possible interior infections.

If you clean an accessory such as a dildo made of latex, never use a rag, a tissue or a coloured napkin. You may stain the product with the same colours.

Please note that all of the accessories are fully tested and functioning before they are delivered. The Love dolls are verified and tested at the manufacturer for 24 hours to trace any malfunction or perforation before they are packed.

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